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sniffing oxycontin ir

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  • Adderall 30mg ir and oxycontin Hey all, MY DOC IS sniffing OC40 / OC80's. Today, my guy only had 30mg A 215
    Will SWIM get a rush high like crushing and sniffing an oxycontin? SWIM knows there is no time SWIM is out of Oxycontins and is hoping these IR Oxy's are good enough to

    15 mg Instant Release Oxycodone's - Drugs.

    This post really has swim worried as he has been sniffing Oxycontin and some IR oxycondone pills for the past six months. Realization added 7 Minutes and 33 Seconds later

    Why Do People Sniff Pills That Aren't.
    OxyNorm vs OxyContin
    Quote: The new formulation resists crushing and other common methods of tampering Lol. . well i was sniffing 12- 15 15mg oxy ir . New blog post: OxyContin Drug Abuse in
    OxyNorm vs OxyContin Effects of Snorting Percocet

    sniffing oxycontin ir

    sniffing oxycontin ir

    Adderall 30mg ir and oxycontin

    22.08.2007  I Can understand Oxycontin ect, because you get all of the "Oxycodone Since all of it goes in your system at once anyway with IR pills, why would sniffing it

    Snorting Oxy and deadly Silicosis - Drugs.